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About RedCat

The RedCat platform allows you to manage your community in Telegram using chat bots. You no longer need to learn programming or pay someone money to create a chat bot to manage your chat on Telegram. To work with RedCat CM, all you need to do is create an empty bot in @BotFather and add it to the RedCat control panel. Further configuration of your bot is done in a simple and friendly interface.

Control Panel

Manage your community from a convenient and functional control panel. Keep track of your community statistics in real time. Customize your community the way you want it

Verification of the users

Protect your community from bots with our verification. When a new member joins your chat room, he needs to confirm that he is human by passing the captcha. Verification is manageable, it can be disabled at any time.

Easy To Customize

You can customize your bot any way you want. No limited number of commands, YouTube parsers and RSS Feed your site, and it's all absolutely free

How The RedCat Works?

Creating a chatbot in BotFather

Create your chat bot in the BotFather system bot to get a token

Make a bot the admin of your community

We add the created bot in the chat and make it the administrator. If the bot is not an admin, verification will not work

Adding a bot to RedCat

Log in to the RedCat control panel and add your bot by simply inserting the token into the appropriate field

Launch and setup

Start the bot and start setting up. Add commands, configure the default language or leave autodetect, add your community rules

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