Rating system

Chat ratings can be obtained in two ways, for activity in chat and from another user. The automatic rating is issued once a day, at 22:00 GMT+3

In rating calculation only unique messages are taken into account. Messages with only memes, stickers, pictures and commands don’t count. Each user can see his rating in your profile with command /profile

Rating algorithm is as follows:

Number of messages in chat per day / 10 = Number of ratings per day Example: You have sent 14 messages in chat. 14 / 10 = 1.4 rounded to 1 You’ve sent 15 messages in chat. 15 / 10 = 1.5 rounded to 2

Issuing rating from user to user. Each user can thank any participant of the chat room by giving him/her 1 point of rating with /rep command.

Command syntax /rep @username

Not allowed to rate yourself or your bot.