Getting Started

1. RedCat CM registration

Registration on the RedCat platform is implemented with the help of the chat bot Telegram.

NOTE In your Telegram profile, the username must be set.

To register, go to the chat bot @RedCat

After launching the bot, it will prompt you to create an account:


After you click “Sign up”, the system will use your Telegram profile data to create an account for you. The password will be generated automatically.


Save this message in a safe place so that you do not lose access to your account. In case you do lose your account password, you can generate a new password with the command /restore.

2. Creating a Bot in BotFather

To create a new chat bot, go to the special Telegram bot @BotFather

Enter the command /newbot to start creating a bot


BotFather prompts you to enter the name of your future bot. After entering the name of the future bot, you must enter the username of the bot.


Note that the username of the bot, must end in bot. For example: myfirstbot or myfirst_bot

After entering username, you will receive a message with a link to your bot token.


This concludes the creation of the bot. We will perform further configuration steps on the RedCat platform.

–> Add a bot to RedCat CM