Bot commands

1. Standard commands

The system provides a set of standard commands.

/profile - User profile. System command. Outputs the information about the user.

/rss - Newsfeed of the site. Parser RSS feed of your site.

/rate - Rating. System command. Outputs information about the rating system. For more information about rating see “Rating”.

/rep - The manual output of the rating from user to user. Command syntax is /rep @username, or reply to a user with /rep

/rules - Community rules.

/video - List of videos of your YouTube channel. Automatic parser of the last 15 videos.

/admin - Notification of the administration on violations in the chat. Must be sent in response to a message with the violation

2. Personal commands

For each bot it is possible to add personal commands. You can add a command in “Command editor”

By default, the list of personal commands is empty. To add a new command, click “+ Add command”.

Form for adding a team:


Fill out the form and click save. Commands that you want to add to the drop-down list of chat commands must be written in Latin script. Telegram does not allow to form the command drop-down menu from commands written in Latin.

After you save a command, you will be redirected to the command list for further control.


From the command settings two switches are available, “Activation”, “Display”.

Activate - activates the command. The command becomes available for work in the bot, but is not displayed in the drop-down menu of the chat.

Show - launches the formation of the chat commands menu.

*Note: Editing a command is available by clicking on the name of the command in the list. Only a deactivated command can be edited. If you try to edit an activated command, you will get an error: Editing an activated command is forbidden! Deactivate the command and disable its display in the bot menu. *