Managing the bot

1. Bot control panel

To manage your bot, click on “Configure the bot” in the list of your bots


2. Configure the bot

Bot settings form


The following settings are available:

Community Name - you must specify the name of your community. This parameter is displayed in some system commands

Link to Chat - Telegram chat link. At the time of adding chat, the bot must be a chat participant with administrator privileges

Community CategoryĐ° - the category your community belongs to

User verification - managing the verification of users in chat.

Default Language - Select the bot’s answer language. The default setting is autodetect.

Notify admins of chat violations - sending a notification to the administration about the violation in chat. To do this, chat users must respond to the message with the command /admin

Community Rules - form to fill out the community rules. To design the rules, use only those html tags that are on the panel. Otherwise the command will not work

RSS feed address - RSS feed parser for your site. Output with the command /rss

YouTube Channel ID - automatic parser of your YouTube channel.

Note: The channel ID is part of the URL. For example, in the link Channel ID: UCQFJjX4FFGp4zLWo1R-viKQ