RedCat Community Manager

The RedCat platform allows you to manage your community in Telegram using chat bots. You no longer need to learn programming or pay someone money to create a chat bot to manage your Telegram chat. To work with RedCat CM you just need to create an empty bot in @BotFather and add it in your RedCat control panel. Further configuration of your bot takes place in a simple and friendly interface.

The following features are available:


  • Statistics on the number of messages in chat per day
  • Statistics on new users


  • Adding personal commands
  • Forming a drop-down menu of personal commands
  • 4 standard commands. Rules, Videos.
  • WYSIWYG message text editor with tags that telegram supports
  • Community name change
  • Bot WebHooks management
  • Multi-language (Ukrainian, Russian, English)
  • User verification. Verification management
  • Notify administration about chat violation


  • Adding chat (bot must be a chat member before being added)

  • List of users chat

  • Sending messages to the chat. Text, Image with description

  • Automatic detection of administrators. Information is displayed in the profile.

User Profile

  • Automatic rating system. Issued once a day to the most active participants of the chat
  • Manual rating giving. Any user can give rating point as a sign of gratitude.
  • User profile. Brief information about the user.


  • YouTube channel parser. Outputs your last 15 videos
  • RSS parser for your site