1. General

1.1 These Rules and conditions of use website redcat.click (hereinafter - Regulations) is the Agreement between the Administration redcat.click (hereinafter - the Administration) and the User of the website services / services redcat.click (hereinafter - User), under which the User makes use of information and services website redcat.click (hereinafter - website) and the services provided by the Administration.
1.2. The moment of the legal relationship between the User and the Administration of the site are:
- ticking the box "I agree", if this checkbox is available in the interface of the website at the time of the User's acceptance of these Rules;
- actual use of the website. In the latter case, the User acknowledges that the one-time actual use of the website by the User means the User's acceptance of these Rules in the future.
1.3. The User's posting of information on the website constitutes the User's voluntary acknowledgement of these Rules.
1.4. The user may not continue to use the website if he or she does not agree with these Rules.

2. User Responsibilities

2.1. Do not mislead other users or the Site Administration.
2.2. Do not post knowingly low-quality or false information.
2.3. Do not distribute information, goods and services that violate the laws of the country of residence and registration of the user.
2.4. Do not post the following material in your bots and chats:
- Sexual and pornographic materials;
- materials related to the sale of weapons or drugs;
- materials containing violence or cruel treatment of people;
- materials containing violence or cruelty to animals;
- goods and services contrary to the laws of Ukraine;
- materials and information that deliberately misleads users in order to make money;
- materials containing information about such areas as gambling, erotic and occult services.
2.5. Do not publish insults, profanity and other materials that are harmful to the Administration of the site or third parties.
2.6. The User agrees that he is fully responsible for the information posted by him in his chats and chatbots, including its compliance with legal requirements, copyright compliance, for the authorized use of business names, the use of logos, marks for goods and services (trademarks), as well as the rights of third parties in connection with the placement of information on the website. In case of claims from third parties related to the information posted by the User, the User undertakes to independently and at its own expense to settle these claims.
2.7. The user must maintain his or her own login and password for access to the site. The user acknowledges and agrees that he is the only person responsible for the safety and confidentiality of his login and password for access to the site, as well as any other data required for this access. If third parties obtain the login and password for access to the site of the user due to the will or negligence of the user, the latter shall be personally and materially liable for the consequences of the actions of these third parties.
2.8. The User agrees to use the Web site in accordance with these Rules, as well as current and applicable laws in the field.

3. Website Administration Rights

3.1. Refuse to register, block and/or delete chats and chatbots posted by the User if it contradicts these Rules, or at its sole discretion without giving reasons.
3.2. Block and / or delete without warning the user and its posted chats, chatbots, if they contradict the requirements of paragraph 2.4. 2.4. of these Rules.
3.3. Block and/or delete chats or chatbots posted by a user without warning, if:
- the user has violated any provision of these Rules (or has committed actions that clearly indicate that the User does not intend or is unable to comply with the provisions of the Rules);
- the website administration is obliged to do so by law (for example, in cases where use of the website by the User is or becomes illegal);
- the website ceases to function at the initiative of the Administration of the site.
3.4. Modify the website at its own discretion without notifying the user.
3.5. Make changes to these Rules unilaterally. The User shall be deemed to have been informed of the amended Terms from the moment the amended version of these Rules is published on the website at https://redcat.click/redcat-rules.php.

4. Limitation of liability

4.1. The administration of the site is not responsible for the content posted by users in their chats, chatbots, as well as for causing injury or any other damages that may arise from the use of the website, users and / or third parties.
4.2. The administration of the site does not bear any responsibility to users or third parties for violation of the rules and the consequences of such violations.
4.3. The Site Administration undertakes not to disclose any personal information about Users to individuals or organizations that report possible misuse of such information (sending unsolicited advertising, "spam", providing information to others, etc.), and makes every effort to exclude unauthorized use of such information. However, the Administration is not responsible for the possible improper use of information from the site by registered users or other persons and / or entities, which occurred without notification to the Administration of the site or occurred due to technical malfunction of the software, servers or computer networks.
4.4. The administration of the site is not a representative of the Users, so can not be responsible for any financial, employment and any other obligations that arise between them.
4.5. The administration of the site gives no guarantees that the use of the site and its services by Users will not be interrupted, suspended or terminated permanently, that access to the site will be safe and will always be possible at a convenient time for the user, and the site administration is not responsible for errors, failures and defects of the website.